What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is the latest diesel engine emission legislations being driven by the European Commission.

Since 1993, when the very first ‘Euro 1’ legislation was introduced for trucks and buses, the European Commission has regulated the amount of pollutants coming out of the tail-pipe of a diesel engine. In particular, the Commission identified two key constituents within the exhaust stream - Oxides of Nitrogen

or ‘NOx’, and ‘Particulate Matter‘ (basically soot particles) - as being harmful, and which needed to be controlled and reduced.

As a result, over the past 20 years, European engine makers have invested heavily in developing new technology which has seen the levels of NOx and PM (as well as other elements such as un-burnt hydrocarbons) in the exhaust of all new diesel-engine trucks and buses falling dramatically, with a consequent...

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